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So many would be singers, sign up to X Factor to try and achieve a record release and hopefully stardom, but Ben has decided to do this the old way, by hard work and determination.

This saw all of his three singles appear in the I Tunes chart, and they paved the way for this debut album. From the catchy pop of single number one " The Chain" through to heartbreaking rock ballad "No One Knows"  Ben take you on a journey that is almost autobiographical, touching on life, love and loss.

The decision to allow Ben's vocals to be kept virtually live on this album is a risky one, but he manages to make each vocal a heartfelt message and very personal. Something other over-produced singers could learn from.

It’s not by any means a sad album,  there are huge moments of uplifting pop, big dance beats and a superb duet with label mate and someone who has been through the X Factor mill "Sean Smith" (formerly of "Same Difference").

This album is a breath of fresh air and a complete change of direction for the Energise label.. but, it is at it’s heart the very reason Energise still exists, which is to release great pop music, and this debut Album is GREAT POP MUSIC!

No One Knows

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